Content creation for your blog can correlate to an increase in traffic from the Google search results, But does simply having a blog means you’ll get more Google traffic and earn better rankings? NO!

There is so much more that goes into getting SEO traffic than just publishing content; therefore, here are nine truths about blogging for SEO traffic.

The key to driving more website traffic is not producing more content, but instead providing more value with the content you produce.
– Bill Ross, Founder of Linchpin

Below are the nine hard truths about blogging for SEO

The hard truth: High-value content is by far the most vital part of having a successful blog, so if you think you can create low-value or short content, and the articles are going to rank well and drive quality traffic, you’re going to be disappointed.

The hard truth: We have to stop pumping out low-value 500-word articles. In most cases, they don’t perform well because they don’t sufficiently cover a topic or provide enough value to earn links.

The hard truth: The article’s title and headline can be the difference between 10 people reading your article or 10,000. 

The hard truth: You’re frustrating users if you’re creating articles that don’t have a content hierarchy to make them easy to scan. 

The hard truth: If your articles don’t have a topic structure, you’re keeping Google from effectively understanding them.

The hard truth: Publishing frequency matters, and therefore a content calendar should be a priority within your content strategy. However, if the content that you’re publishing is garbage, then publishing frequency won’t mean anything.

The hard truth: Without a proper information architecture to help users discover content and help search engines crawl and organize your content, you’ll end up confusing both persona types.

The hard truth: A study published in The Journal of Behavior and Information Technology shows it takes just 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website – making the experience your visitors have extremely important.

The hard truth: Creating an easy and effective way for users to share your content is essential when trying to achieve brand amplification. Now you’re probably wondering if social sharing affects search engine ranking; the short answer is yes, but not because of links, because of user metrics.