Project Description

Trillium Real Estate

01 – Overview


Trillium Real Estate and the Linda Lom Team came to Merithot with a well established business. Their business had been growing and had long since become deeply rooted in their community. As they grew – and as realtors in Michigan were pushed to make changes to their advertising to remain compliant – their two brands were in need of a broader system that could support the realtor, the team and the individual and clarify the relationship between them. Merithot worked closely with the team to identify their existing brands’ challenges and roll out a solution across all media, web, social, print and digital.


Brand Identity

02 – Identity System

The Team Logo

It was important for the Linda Lom Team to have a brand identity that both connected to and distinguished itself from its parent agency, Trillium Real Estate. By referencing a cross-section of Trillium’s windowpane flower and introducing a softer personable typography, we were able to create a brand system that clarified the relationship between the team and it’s agency and give The Linda Lom Team a voice of its own.

03 – Style

Color & Typography

PMS 577C
PMS 576C
PMS 446C
PMS 141C
PMS 7577C
04 – Campaign

Video Campaign

Through developing a new brand identity for the Linda Lom Team, we explored concepts for unique marketing campaigns surrounding real families and individuals who had found their home with the Linda Lom Team’s help and guidance. Through video testimonial, we highlighted the idiosyncrasies of what makes a house uniquely perfect for someone and how the Linda Lom team listens for those telling details and delivers for you. “You deserve a home that tells your story,” the campaign affirms. “We get it.” After producing the video, we then rolled the campaign out across their website, blog, print advertising, mail, pay-per-click and social media.

04 – Web Design

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