Project Description

JOOB Activewear

01 – Overview


JOOB is activewear for those who put themselves out there: Stylish, environmentally-friendly, and versatile clothing that can be worn wherever adventure takes you. The company’s name comes from an Americanized spelling for the Thai word for “kiss,” an homage to its commitment to supporting the Thai people and a call-to-action to kiss life and the planet. We worked with JOOB’s founders to develop a strong, versatile logo and brand identity that told this unique story.


Brand Identity
Web Design

02 – Identity System

The Logo

John and Nicha knew that with this new company, they were committed to giving back to the economy and offering opportunity to people in Thailand, where Nicha is from. The Indian elephant has been a significant icon of Thai culture for centuries and is considered a sacred animal in the practice of Buddhism – it is featured heavily in Thai art and emblems and is the country’s national animal. It also became an endangered animal in the 1980s. For these reasons, it was an ideal emblem for the JOOBs origin and its commitment to giving back to the planet.

03 – Style

Color & Typography

PMS 7720C
PMS 577C
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04 – Campaign

Kickstarter Project

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