Project Description

Circadian Risk

01 – Challenge


Circadian Risk is a tech startup that develops next generation software for physical risk and vulnerability reporting. Their tools empower security professionals to better deliver assessments and solutions.

Circadian Risk had a website but they weren’t entirely happy with it. It didn’t really feel like a match with their branding and it lacked several features, such as product license purchasing, a pricing page and video content. They needed to bring their web presence to the next level.


Web Design
Web Development
Video Production
Membership Site

02 – Approach

Licenses & Memberships

Circadian’s new site needed to be able to allow customers to purchase and activate licenses for their software and to manage monthly recurring payments via credit card or Paypal. What’s more sections of the site would only become available to active members. We worked closely with Circadian Risk’s founder, Daniel Young, to ensure their unique e-commerce needs were met.

03 – Media

Overview Video

Soon after we launched their new site, Circadian Risk was ready to make a splash and elevate their lead generation with dynamic new types of content. We collaborated again and created two animated videos made to relay the software’s awesome value to both in-house and consulting experts. The video spoke to specific pain points prospects had and showed off its highly visual interactive dashboards and highlighted how the product would provide actionable reports and make security specialists more efficient.

04 – Style

Color & Typography


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