Trillium Real Estate

Trillium Real Estate and the Linda Lom Team came to Merithot with a well established business. Their business had been growing and had long since become deeply rooted in their community. As they grew, their two brands were in need of a broader system that could support the realtor, the team and the individual and professionally represent the relationship between them.

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Leitz Strategies

Leitz Strategies is a marketing firm that focuses on small businesses and non-profits to build and execute their marketing strategies. With a new and remarkable website and a bright and memorable brand identity, Leitz Strategies will leave prospects with precisely what it offers its customers’ own clientele: a lasting impression.

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Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk had a website but they weren’t entirely happy with it. It didn’t really feel like a match with their branding and it lacked several features, such as product license purchasing, a pricing page and video content. They needed to bring their web presence to the next level.

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JOOB Activewear

JOOB is activewear for those who put themselves out there: Stylish, environmentally-friendly, and versatile clothing that can be worn wherever adventure takes you. We worked with JOOB's founders to develop a strong, versatile logo and brand identity that told their unique story.

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