Your Business is Extraordinary.

We want to visually communicate your business’s value and amplify your voice- because we have no doubt that what you do is extraordinary.

Design can help you to achieve the balanced marketing experience you need to be successful. By customizing your experience through our wide range of service offerings, we can help you achieve your goals – no matter what they are.

We’re confident that through our holistic design and marketing approach, you can rest assured that your business will be accurately and beautifully represented – no matter what exciting direction your business goes.

We Look at the Big Picture.

You’ve seen design firms that focus solely on the aesthetic. They build something beautiful, but the design falls short. Why? Because it doesn’t convert, and it’s not user-friendly.

We believe that having beautiful design isn’t enough – it has to be functional, too. At Merithot Creative Marketing, everything we do for our clients serves a higher purpose.

Our team works to deliver concepts that are grounded in meaning. We work with clients to create solutions to problems. Our work is intended to capture your business’s aesthetic vision with seamless design, while still incorporating elements that attract customers, offer logical usability solutions, and more.

You deserve design that’s all-encompassing – don’t settle for anything less.

We value accountability.

We trust and rely on each other for the things we commit to. We don’t just hold each other accountable for our work, but for strengthening our skills, and growing as individuals in our team.

We value diversity.

In both representation and ideas. We want to always be looking for opportunities to bring in different perspectives and voices to make our work the best and most inclusive it can be.

Our clients don’t fit in boxes.

Rather than limiting ourselves to one industry, we’re inspired by clients with excellent products we can feel good about – from companies that share our values.

We help each other.

We’re kind to one another, we exercise empathy and compassion every day and we don’t pile on when someone’s struggling to deliver.

We have fun.

Our humors dry, fast and sharp and we’re unapologetically ourselves with each other and our clients. We can do our best work when there’s no pretense. 

We want to grow.

We push ourselves and face new opportunities head on to challenge ourselves and each other to learn new skills and be the best we can.

We bring creativity to everything.

No matter the challenge or subject matter, we don’t stop until we’ve created something unique and creative that still accomplishes the goal.

We value the details.

We want to know our clients’ challenges intimately and have all the context we need to offer them the best solution. We’re problem solvers, and the better we know the problem, the better our solution.

We do no evil.

There’s plenty of grey area, but we partner with clients who are doing good things and if a prospect’s ethics, morality or soul is in question, we’ll move on.

And we learn from mistakes.

If we fall short of these values, we don’t throw them out. If  something didn’t go how we hoped or we’ll take stock and figure out what to do differently next time. We don’t overcorrect, we don’t skirt the mistake, we make a plan – together – to do better.

Ready to get started?

So are we! Let’s start by learning a bit more about your project.

Yes, I am!

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